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The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is there to protect you from poor workmanship and provide guidance on your rights. At J A Ridgley Building Pty Ltd, we aim to inform our clients to ensure they are comfortable with the services we delivery. QBCC’s website contains lots of useful information for those looking into building or renovating. This is also where you can search a Licensee to ensure they are qualified to take on your work and if they have had any disciplinary action against them.

Design Idea’s

There are a number of websites and apps available to help you with basic house design and the many individual components of them. Below are some useful links that you can use to get inspired and help you in your design choices.

While the internet is a great source of inspiration, there are many other options available. Magazines cover a wide range of items from general house designs, specific rooms or just how to decorate. You can also get ideas from houses or hotels you have visited or T.V. programs. All these things can help you build ideas (but don’t let your idea’s get bigger than your bank account).

Colour Selection

Choosing a colour scheme can be difficult. Luckily, many of the paint supplies have great websites to give you helpful hints and ideas while providing visual examples of colour schemes.